Live as your favorite African animal, be it carnivore or herbivore, predator or prey. In this realistic, open-ended, multiplayer ecosystem, you can be anything from a majestic Lion, a huge Elephant, or even a speedy Gazelle, but remember that the law of the savannah is to survive at any cost!


Can you imagine what it would be like to live as an African Lion? Or being part of a giant buffalo herd? Maybe being the matriarch of a family of Elephants in search of food? Or are you one of those people who likes to stay in the water, like a Nile Crocodile waiting for its prey to attack?

Make the right decisions to live another day and see the sun rise over the savanna horizon, while keeping your eyes open to the world around you, to make sure you can thrive in this battle between life and death.


In Animalia you can live in the skin of your favorite animal species and fight for survival. Searching for food and water, while avoiding predators and rivals.

The game is based on the life cycle of animals and the first setting for this journey is the African continent. With animal species typical of the cradle of human civilization, surrounded by a rich ecosystem, full of complexity and AI-driven animals, plus interaction with players from around the world, in Real Time!


Animalia offers an amazing opportunity to explore territories and live in the wild with your favorite animal. The right choice for animal enthusiasts and lovers of simulation and survival games!