Hello Wild Friends!
We have fixed the general issues, the Hare had upon its release. The Hippo got some love as well. Bear in mind, these animals will still be worked on, as they’re not 100% finished yet.



🔸 Fixed so the Hare is able to eat and drink
🔸 Fixed the Easter event, so the egg model now shows when the Hare gets killed
🔸 Added birth mechanic
🔸 Added jump, sit, lay and sleep
🔸 Added baby, juvie, subadult and adult stages
🔸 Adjusted Hare weight
🔸 Adjusted the general health for all growth stages and damage
🔸 Adjusted the third person camera angle for the baby and Juvie stages


🔸 Fixed the birth invite. Now you’re able to accept birth invites
🔸 Adjusted the baby size of the hippo, which was too small for both male and female
🔸 Adjusted the third person camera angle for both baby and juvie stages


🔸 Adjusted the threat call. (This is still being worked on)


We’re going to create forms for the new status of the animals, and we want, you guys to participate in this specific test session. We will then analyze the data we receive, and from that make the needed adjustments of each animal. An announcement will be made with further info regarding this test session.

Thank you all!
– High Brazil Studio