Hello wild friends!
We want to wish you all a Happy Easter. For this occasion we have made a special Easter event, that will be obtainable in the new Animalia Survival EggHunt DLC. Hunt the Hare and collect the eggs it drops, to get a small surprise.


Starting next week we will be doing a balancing-test of the animals. For that we want, the whole Animalia community to join us. There will be hosted a special test session, where everyone can join. Adjustments and balancing will be made along the test session, based on the data we receive. Before the test session starts, we gonna make an announcement with further information.

🔸 Added Attack Buff on Hippopotamus
🔸 Added Baby, Juvie, SubAdult, Adult & Elder
🔸 Started testing the Hippo in Survival Mode. Changes and adjustments will be made along the way, to improve the gameplay of the Hippo

🔸 Changed the V sprint. Now the crocodile doesn’t gallop, when running


🔸 Added the Hare Easter event and spawns
🔸 Adjusted plant roots inside the cave

🔸 Added the Hare Easter event and spawns


Controls Menu
🔸 We are working on the control menu, and making adjustments so their won’t occur issues when modified
🔸 Soon we will also add the option to play Animalia with controller.

Admin Panel
🔸 We added all animals and their growth stages to the admin panel
🔸 The admin panel will be added to Host / Solo Mode in the future as well

Thank You All Very Much and Happy Easter! 🐣
– High Brazil Studio